Doors and Windows

MissionTeamWEBMission volunteers at Salt Cay

Walls become prisons without ways to welcome people in and move out into the world. We do this by allowing space in our walls for doors and windows.

  • At the invitation of Haitian nationals – and in alliance with the International Council of Unitarian Universalists (ICUU) and the UUA Office of International Affairs (OIA) -- I organized a 3-person team to travel to Leogane, Haiti (the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake) to explore the possibility of establishing a relationship between their church and Unitarian Universalist congregations in Florida.
  • As co-founder and two-term (four years) President of the Venice Interfaith Community Association, I
    Teaching-VICAWEBVenice Interfaith Winter Educational Series
    • led the establishment of a 6 week community education series highlighting religious practices and belief systems in world religions.
    • mobilized the faith communities to assist in the relocation of our neighbors when the low-income Grove Terrace housing complex became too structurally dangerous for continued occupancy.
    • supported the crafting and sponsoring of an enthusiastically-attended community Thanksgiving Eve worship service led by clergy representing local faith communities.
    • StMarkskitchenWEBVolunteers for Community Dinner at St. Marks Episcopal Churchprovided an institutional umbrella for the development of a weekly dinner program for community members affected by the economic downturn, partnering with the local food bank to provide low-cost food, and staffing with faith community volunteers.
  • At the Friendship At Home/Faith in Action program I initiated a response to the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie by encouraging churches to house out-of-area volunteer teams of workers, contribute needed items to survivors, locate temporary housing for people left homeless. The Senior Friendship Center allowed me to use their facility to serve as a staging area for these initiatives.
  • Restoring the Salt Cay Methodist Church required gaining support from the local community and foreign institutions in order to finance, organize, staff, and manage U.S. volunteer groups with local labor. During this project I served as liaison between local church and U.S. churches to transport, house, feed, and direct three teams of volunteers totaling 83 people over a 4-week period. In partnership with local builders, I developed a materials list and work plan, coordinating the procurement, import and transport of building materials and supplies to the remote island location.