SCMCAfterIkeWEBSalt Cay Methodist Church after Hurricane Ike

All of my initiatives and endeavors begin with the foundational conviction that human joy and hope lies in developing deep, sustainable relationships with each other, with our world, and with what I call the Creative Force – God. With that end in mind, I

  • bring people with divergent opinions into conversation with one another and provide a model of what a relationship with a minister might look like. (Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Marion County)
  • guided members and groups into healing a fractured community to the point where they could engage with an interim minister. (Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs)
  • co-founded the Venice Interfaith Community Association with the vision that the similarities between our religious communities far outweighed our differences; that we could model a world at peace in our small corner of the planet.
  • led the 10-year project of renovating the historic Salt Cay Methodist Church building in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Following a vision of holiness gone missing and a battered community restored, the effort was recognized by being awarded citizenship in the country.
  • taught and performed music for over 30 years, convincing me that deep communications are not necessarily verbal; that the bonds developed in the creation and performance of music transcend social, economic, racial, gender, and ethnic differences. These bonds form the basis for building relationships outside the concert hall.