SCMC-RestoredWEBSalt Cay Methodist Church restored.

To protect and give support to the foundation, walls, doors and windows of our structure, we need clear and consistent system of governance and reliable ongoing financial resources. To provide this protection, I

  • in collaboration with the Boards of Trustees, recommended structures, processes and procedures to build a healthy, sustainable institutional framework within which to nurture congregational growth in both breadth and depth (Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Marion County and Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lakeland).
  • developed a system of monthly financial reports and dues collection procedures (including the development of a webpage to allow online payment of dues and event registration fees) for the Florida Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association.
  • applied for and was awarded 501(C) 3 for the Venice Interfaith Community Association, the International Gas Center, and the Kinhaven Preschool.
  • wrote by-laws for the Venice Interfaith Community Association, All About Children Day Care, and the Kinhaven Preschool.
  • created and documented Standard Operating Procedures for the Kinhaven Preschool, including staff position descriptions.
  • set up an accounting system for All About Children Daycare and the International Gas Center.