Teaching-VICA2Teaching the interfaith community through the Venice Interfaith Community Association's Winter Education Series

Teaching is more than conveying information. It is building a relationship between the learner and the teacher. As a teacher of music for over 30 years I observed that my students flourished in situations where I responded to their questions and created opportunities for them to interact with other learners. I have created this environment and assumed the role of facilitator when I

  • facilitate and guide discussions of Unitarian Universalist history, polity, ethics, spiritual maturation, and religious language. Using resources from progressive organizations I also conduct classes in leadership, stewardship, the intersection between science and religion, and progressive religious thought.
  • train Lay Pastoral Care Associates, a ‘minister-extender’ program to equip individuals to provide deep listening to people in  transition.
  • WFAAatUUCOVTeaching our children:
    Words for All Ages at UUCOV
    conduct and facilitate classes for people new to Unitarian Universalism.
  • researched, wrote, and presented the webinar and workshop, "Power from the Pews: Influencing and Shaping Congregational Leaders" for the Florida District of the UUA.
  • co-presented the workshop, "Ministry to the Aging" for the Florida District of the UUA.
  • taught a three-part series on the New Testament.
  • developed an integrated curriculum of forums with adult exploration workshops and seminars.
  • created an annual five-week educational series on interfaith issues.
  • became licensed as a trainer in the OWL (Our Whole Lives) curriculum and Stephen Ministry program.
  • initiated and coached countless small music ensembles and provided performance opportunities for music students including founding of the Bermuda Chamber Ensemble and the Bermuda Youth Orchestra.