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Central to the ministerial role is the relationship with the congregation. In this role I assume leadership for the following activities:

  • craft public worship concentrating on the theological imperative for community building, developing covenantal relationships, and compassionate outreach through the lens of Unitarian Universalism.
  • provide assistance and facilitate the development and implementation of a strategic plan, including strategies to promote recognition and status of the congregation in the community.
  • lay the foundation for the development of a congregational covenant of right relations, including a process for resolving conflict.
  • conduct classes and craft liturgies to welcome new members into the congregation, install new leaders, and publically recognize the efforts of individual volunteers.
  • institute events that include a monthly "Munch with the Minister" lunch hour, a potluck, and an annual Senior Resource Day.
  • write monthly newsletter columns.
  • provide a non-anxious presence to facilitate healing, develop covenantal relationships, and establish methods of conflict resolution.