Ministry takes place whenever one offers to connect with another living being, be it in the context of a sympathetic smile to a harried parent, eye contact with someone on the street, or a sincere expression of thanks to the toll collector on the turnpike. Within the institutional context I have served individuals as follows:

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  • As a Unitarian Universalist minister I meet individuals in their homes, hospitals, hospice, coffee shops, parking lots, public parks… wherever there is a desire for a listening ear and an assurance that, whatever the challenge, it need not be met alone.
  • As a certified Stephen Leader and trainer of Lay Pastoral Care Associates I have helped individuals discern their call to care for others and have counseled them as they interacted with their care receivers.
  • As an intern chaplain at Tampa General Hospital I learned the power of listening at the bedsides of the patients, and the practice of non-verbal communication on the Intensive Care Burn Unit.
  • As a member of the paraministry team of my home congregation, I was able to provide pastoral care to our aging congregants, and, too often, craft and conduct meaningful memorial services.
  • As the Resource Coordinator for the Friendship At Home/Faith in Action program of the Senior Friendship Centers, I facilitated one-to-one relationships between lonely, isolated elders and volunteer 'friendly visitors'.